About Capture

About Capture Housing

Capture Housing is a private provider of Affordable Housing for rent and sale and our offices are based on the Isle of Wight.

We passionately believe that Excellence should form the basis for our business. Therefore, we believe we can provide additional capacity in the delivery of Affordable Housing.

We look to get things right for those we work for and with.

Capture believes that everyone deserves a place they can be proud to call home, at a price they can afford to buy or rent. As a result, homes are the building blocks of our communities. They affect our health, our wealth, and our opportunities for happiness.

Affordable Housing for Rent

We provide Rented Housing at Affordable Rent levels. As a result, this means that all of our rents are set at a level that is at least 20% less than the open market rent (inclusive of service charges).


Our Housing Manager is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Housing (CIH).

Affordable Housing for Sale

We provide housing for sale as Shared Ownership units.

We normally sell from a 60% share to the homeowner. As a result, Capture Housing will own the remaining 40% share.

We charge a low rent on our remaining share of 2.25% to make sure it is affordable for residents and to cover our administration costs.

Our commitment

We are committed to excellence in our business. Therefore, this means that we will take pride and responsibility for building homes in the area that we live in.


The company was set up on the 19th of September 2017 and is registered with Companies House under Company number 10970280.


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